29 January 2014

Simply Happy Snail Time of a Teacher

I couldn't find any other words to describe this evening. Half of the schoolyear is gone, we are giving the kids their reports with marks tomorrow, I got home early and had a cup of tea with chocolate biscuits from a friend, hung the washing, fed my snails and now I am watching them as they eat their apple pieces and listening to the sounds of their radullae scraping against cuttlefish bones, feeling very contented that they look happy.

Adela, one of my Lissachatina reticulata, has been exposing her/his/its (still confused when talking of the "gender" of a hermaphrodite) penis for a few days now. Given the fact that she is not the only one of that species in the tank, I might be expecting eggs and babies some time soon :) It's been a while since there were newborn (newhatched?) babies in the house, so the thought of them sliming towards their first slice of cucumber (see the picture below) is quite exciting. I am a nutter and a geek, but a very happy geek.

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