04 July 2014

Aquilegia - Another Plant Loved by Bees

I noticed that another plant is often visited by bees and bumble beed in our garden - Aquilegia. We had this plant in our garden in Slovakia as well and there are many many colours and varieties to choose from and therefore it is quite popular with gardeners - which is good for bees!!! :)

The insects do not always find the right way in, but they keep coming to the flowers. Harvesting the seeds is really easy, too. The seed pods have characteristic shape and rattle when shaken. When they are ready, they will open and the seeds fall out when the wind blows and moves the plant. Well, I cannot wait to sow all of these! :)


  1. They are gorgeous, were I a bee, I think I would like to be seen by the stylish aquilegia ;)

    1. They are... :) This one is only pink, but once we had a plant with the outer petals purple and inner yellow, it was amazing. However, the next year we only got purple ones - I think it depeds on what plant's pollen comes to pollinate the flower and then the next generation can be differently coloured, but I am not sure.

  2. that is a cool flower....do they only grow in your area? I have never seen them here in America.

    1. Wikipedia says they grow "throughout the Northern hemisphere" adn according to Plant Database, some species are native to the US as well, check it out here: http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=AQCA Maybe it is not a common garden plant there, that is all, but you could surely get some seeds from somewhere, they are really easy to grow.


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