05 November 2014

Silly Little Pink Monster

Lately I've been thinking a bit about "What's the point of it all". I mean, the point of crafting. Sometimes it seems to me that people are crafty just for being crafty, creating a lot of things that nobody really needs, that will be enjoyed for a short time and then put away, creating masses of clutter or - even worse - thrown away. Masses and masses of unrecyclable craftines cluttering the world. Depressing, eh? :)

As for me, I always wanted to make something, but something meaningful. Useful things. And I think I might have found one of them. In April, my niece Amy was born and from the first time I saw her photograph, I knew I jsut love this little person. I started making things for her even before she was born. A Tunisian crochet blanket, crocheted soft colourful balls... And there's nothing nicer than seeing her grab those things, explore them, taste them, spit them out, pull them and put them in her mouth again to see if by any chance they changed since thirty seconds ago :) 

So I started making toys. Not only for Amy, but also for other children around me (and there are quite a few!). It is great how they get to know the world around them and how the toys help them. Making toys is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

I made this silly monster for a little girl called Skye. She was (I think) eight months old when I gave it to her and she grabbed it and put the leg of the monster straight into her mouth. And she still plays with it, which is great.

So now I am going to focus on making toys for the rest of this year. Because I love them and children love them and I love children. I will make sure I blog every time I finish one and I look forward to getting some comments and feedback from you, my followers and readers.
Have a lovely day.

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