26 December 2014

Garlic Not Asleep Any More

The young plant.
 In my last garlic post I wrote about planting and how the cloves will "sleep until spring". Well, that isn't true any more!

Probably thanks to very high temperatures (as high as 14 °C), the garlic cloves have woken up and started sprouting. Almost all of them are above the soil now.

While I am extremely excited about the fact that in the middle of the winter something is growing in the garden, I am also slightly worried what might happen to the little planties if frost comes suddenly. Therefore I decided to rake the leaves that are all around now and cover the patch. I'm hoping this will give the young planties at least some protection and that we will still have a plentiful garlic harvest next summer.

Now as we all sit sleepily in the living room and it is dark and rainy outside (a very English Boxing Day afternoon), I think about my cozy garlic planties, covered by a blanket of oak leaves, hoping they are well and thinking of all the good times I am going to have in the garden in 2015. Life is good :)
The covered garlic patch

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