27 April 2015

Blanket for a Doll

My little niece got her first doll this Christmas. Her name is Lily. By now Lily also has a pushchair to sit in and a little pillow, but she had no blanket, so I was kindly asked if I could make one. I accepted the challenge and using some leftover 100% cotton yarn that I brought from Prague, I had a go at mz first granny square pieces (or something that very much resembles granny squares, basically something square and colourful as far as I am concerned).

Here they are. All my squares ready to be sown together. Can you spot two that are the same? It was a complete accident! :) 

All sown together with a border crocheted around.

Nicely stitched together with yarns of various colours. I like it, I like the details and how imperfect it is.

 Here's the finished blanket, kindly modelled by Jeffery the cat.

I am very pleased with it and I am sure Lily is too. The only thing I could do better is hiding the sticking-out ends. However, I don't really mind. So.. back to the cute cat :)

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