18 April 2015

Bug Hotel - The Beginnings

A structure is growing next to the shed, a little pile of things that I proudly call the BUG HOUSE, although it is more commonly known as a BUG HOTEL or INSECT HOTEL. So far it is just some roof tiles holding together a pile of little rocks, a concrete block, short logs with holes drilled into them and an upturned broken flowerpot, but already there are creatures inhabiting it. Actually, I have moved it from a different corner of the garden and in the process I have seen dozens of woodlice, some quite big centipedes and surprisingly very few slugs! Hopefully I will be able to get more logs cut and holes drilled and get it more organised so that more invertebrate guests can move in!

I also got  a brilliant Christmas present from my friends in Prague - a handmade hanging bug hotel. It is more aimed at flying invertebrates, such as solitary bees. So far it is empty, but I hope to see some movement around it soon. After all, the spring has just started.

I am also growing seedlings of wild flowers to place around the garden to feed all those wonderful pollinators and a watering hole to keep the bees hydrated, cool and happy. 

Do you want to build your own insect/invertebrate home? Check out these seources:

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