09 July 2015

My Little Friend

About a month ago, I was digging one of the vegetable patches, when I heard a little thud, as if something hit the side of the shed. I looked around and... nothing. A moment later - the same noise. So I looked around and suddenly, on top of my composter, there sat a little brown bird with creamy white belly and breast slightly streaked with light orange. A baby robin.

Ever since then, whenever I was out, he was there, watching me, coming as close as 30 centimetres.

He sat right above me in the apple tree and curiously tilted his head from one side to another, watching what I will do.

He is particularly happy when I dig, hopping around and turning little bits of soil, looking for little living snacks.

Sometimes I lay out the little earthworms for him to munch on.

However, I do like my earthworms too, as they are good for the garden.It is a little dilemma - feed the friendly bird or eep them to make my soil better? The robin does not understand this. He will eat worms that are as long as himself, although sometimes he gets scared :) 

He is also getting more and more orange feathers as the time goes on. I also overheard the neighbours speaking about him, so I am assuming he is making friends elsewhere,too.

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