28 July 2012

Natural bits and pieces

I just wrote a long and detailed post about our trip to Slovakia and managed to delete it afterwards. Grr!! So here are some bits and pieces of our wonderful nature instead, which will surely not please my Mum who says that details of leaves, snails and drops of dew are all nice, but she would like me to take some actual photos. Pche!
Rock in the woods - frog - patterns in the wood - stream in Vtáčnik mountains

Views of ruins of Trenčín castle - view from a rock under the castle - Palcmanská Maša lake


  1. Those photos are all so beautiful! Makes me wish I were there! :)

  2. I think my country is very pretty, but having a foreigner who was excited about every single bit of it with me made me see it with completely different eyes and I like it even more now :)

  3. I love your photos! And I would like to know more about your trip because traveling excites me! If you don't want to lose your posts right them first in any simple text editor and then paste them to blogger :)

  4. I will write a proper long post as soon as I have enough time - so much happened and I do not want to leave anything out :)

  5. Beautiful photos! That castle is so massive and looks like a cool place to explore!

  6. Thank you all for telling me you like it!! :) I only started rediscovering the beauties of Slovakia now that I have a foreign boyfriend. Seeing that a foreigner likes my country makes me love it more. Also - I still havent written that post about our holiday - it is coming to its one year anniversary, maybe I should spend some time with it :-S


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