30 July 2012

The secret pond

The first day I came to live here, I went for a walk, mostly with intention to pick up the nice white jug, but once I was out, I thought I might as well explore the surroundings. I walked and walked and found out that there is everything I need here. There is the police, post office, food shop, cash machine, even a fitness centre with Pilates lessons (but I was too shy to go in). However, the most striking and surprising thing was the lake. Yes, I moved next to a lake without actually knowing that there is one!! The moment I first saw it, I was so happy I almost ran into it to find out more.

So now I know. It is a 5600 square meters big pond with reeds and white water lillies, ducks and moorhens and toads and there are willow trees and walnut trees around it and carp in it. I also saw a spider web and I believe that if I walk around long enough, I will also find some actual spiders and snails. The banks are steep, but I managed to find a depression in the ground into which my bum fitted exactly, so at least I could sit. And the wind blew and the water surface waved and the reeds waved and the grass waved and my hair waved and my thoughts waved with it and it was beautiful and it felt so good and I would have stayed there for ever if only I didn’t need to pee so badly.


  1. What a lovely place to go for a walk and a bit of a relax after a long day! I'm sure you'll have a lovely time there! :)

  2. So far I have been there every day! And get your ice-skates ready for winter :)))


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