25 November 2012

Beyond civilization

•trees, grass, mud and water

That is exactly where I spent this weekend. My friends and I have decided that the successful passing of our final uni exams needed to be celebrated, however, it took us 2-4 months to bring that celebration into reality. Eventually, this Friday, off we went to one of the most remote places that we have ever been.
Eight of us have journeyed to the big house, lost between the peat bog and the woods, surrounded by trees and muddy swampy meadow, where the floors are cold, the water in the well is not suitable for drinking and the fire has to burn at all times to keep us warm. Every urge to go to the outdoor dry toilet is followed by a series of careful thoughts and then supressed, because you'd rather be in urge than cold and if you have to go eventually, possibly accompanied by a good friend (who will possibly not talk to you about criminals hiding in the woods and not lead you into thinking horror movie thoughts like mine did) with head-torch as a necessary piece of equipment,
Nevertheless, cooking goulash on the stove, geocaching, playing board games in the light of gas lamps, sleeping in a sleeping bag near the cracking fire (unless you fail to wake up every two hours to put another log on there), talking absolute nonsense and drinking Cuba Libre until half past two in the morning was great.

•little bits of forest


  1. Lovely post. Quite an adventure!

  2. I really like that place. We celebrated New Year there too, more of us, had fireworks and big dinner, all cooked on the stove above the fire that also kept us warm, it was kind of magical :)


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