14 November 2012

November Trip to the Countryside

Last Thursday I took a nine hours long overnight bus ride to my parents’ home in Slovakia. They haven’t seen me for a while, Grandparents were eager to meet me again and it was my high school reunion as well. Unexcited about the tiring travel as I was, I journeyed straight into the arms of not-so-desired yet inevitable overload of social interactions and future carreer talks occuring at the rate of at least two per day. My desire and being used to solitude is misidentified as weirdness and longing for privacy is often misunderstood as rudeness. Surely, every time I’m here, there are moments when things get so impossible that my only option is to climb into the bath tub with a lot of cake and read Twilight all over again. However, I managed to let go at the 305th page and participate in a trip to my father’s cottage in the countryside, where I walked around the garden and picked the wet fallen walnuts covered by leaves (future Christmas cake ingredients) that the older people missed during the past few weeks.

❋ the field adjacent to our garden  ❋ the view of the house from the back garden ❋ mushrooms growing in the lawns❋
❋ wellies on and picking walnuts ❋ sunset ❋ grapes still out in November - very sweet


  1. This looks so idyllic. Autumn is a beautiful season I think.

  2. Autumn can be beautiful. All these pictures I took while the sun was setting, so the colours were quite vivid, but it has been a really dull and cold day otherwise.


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