02 March 2013

Newly Finished

I have begun the tedious task of composing my master's thesis lately. And the number of written lines is increasing at a regular rate of one page per approximately seventeen excruciating hours of writing. Of course, with a difficult task as that, I must refuel myself by lots of encouraging cups of tea, lunch meetings and gossipping with friends, episodes of some my favourite series and some crafting. When the thesis is nowhere near its end, it is nice to sit down and FINISH some little project, like these two bracelets...
Soon to appear in my Etsy shop

And ... even though I rejoice at the thought of some poor new bachelor's degree student exclaiming joyfully over my thesis, because they just found the citation they needed, I sometimes think that maybe these little bracelets, even though they might be regarded as "crafty clutter", might actually bring people more happiness than whole of my research work. Luckily, I have an alternate carreer, to become a teacher and make people like all the "creepy-crawlies".

I have pulled out a whole box full of unfinished bracelets that I am going to work on slowly during the evenings and finish. Just to give my motivation the little boost.
P.S.: The camera is still having some problems, so it might take a while until I list these in my shop :(


  1. It's sooo nice to finish a project. I have several myself. I think I fight a slight (sometimes more) case of ADD.

  2. Chin up, you will get there. Slowly but surely it will all come together and we will all be here to cheer you on. Best wishes.

  3. It is nice to finish a project indeed!!! :)I have finished some more since then and it feels great not to have those unfinished bracelets sitting around.

    Tisha - I think I have a bit of a GAD - and every day I look forward to coming home and relaxing with some knotting or sewing. I would like to start making more useful stuff though.

    Lisa - I know!! It is not going badly, there are just parts of it that I hate and I do not want to do, but I keep telling myself it will all be over ina few months' time .. :)


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