23 March 2013

Pumpkin talk

It is 23rd of March and the date tells of spring, but the white fluff flying outside speaks otherwise. It is still dark, still cold, and the Easter stands in the city centre sell the same mulled wine as the ones before Christmas.
However, in our flowerpots, the spring has already started and me and my man are both growing pumpkins from seeds. I think I just created a new amateur gardener and all it took was to make him a pumpkin soup once : ). I saved and planted five seeds of my Hokkaidó pumpkin ( a variety of red kuri squash), of which two sprouted and are happily growing, he made his soup at home with butternut squash and unwisely planted all seeds it had - and all of them sprouted (I think some of our friends who have gardens might be getting little green presents soon :) )
Seeds of the butternut squash in a sprouting jar
Hokkaídó pumpkin seed sprouting
These little plants are also a great topic of conversation, so now our very grown-up evening Skype talks and daily text messages are not only about “Our future bathroom will be pink!” and “No, our future bathroom will be blue!”, but also about “My pumpkin plants are bigger than yours” and “But mine have already started growing real leaves” and “I have more of them” and lots of interesting stuff like that.
 Life is happy with pumpkins : )
Useful links:
Growing butternut squash from seed and How to grow butternut squash in pots or containers from the same blog (which also contains a LOT of information about growing all sorts of plants)
How to Plant Hokkaido Pumpkin Seeds (and lots of other useful questions with answers about growing pumpkins)

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