27 March 2013

Something to boast about

I realize my posts are getting more planty than crafty lately, but there isn't much time for crafting, while the plants tend to grow on their own, so... 
My Hokkaidos are getting pretty big and compared to one week ago they have grown their first true leaves. It's only a little gardening success, but it makes me happy : )
Pumpkin seedlings today, with cotyledons as well as
true leaves.
Pumpkin seedlings one week ago, with cotyledons only.
They are also starting to lay down and want to crawl around, so I will need to put them outside soon. Which brings two problems - first: I have nowhere to put them and second: it keeps snowing outside.


  1. Handsome little pumpkin seedlings. Go away, snow! I grow pumpkin outside in the summer in 5 gallon buckets. The vines travel far from the bucket and produce pumpkins. Lots and lots of watering required.

  2. They are huge plants and have big leaf surface, so I bet they transpire a lot and need lots of water, especially if planted i a container. We had another lot of snow today, seems like Easter will be ice-cold!

  3. We have so much in common trying to balance a 'crafty' life with a passion for plants...aren't we lucky xx

    1. Oh yes, we are!! :D both crafting and gardening make me incredibly calm, and I am a very anxious person usually!! I love everything leafy, stemy and flowery :)) And I have a little thing for English gardens too!

  4. I think you're about six weeks early with the panting, pumpkins grow really fast and do take up lots of room.When you have four pumpkin fruits on the vine pinch the growing tip off. Otherwise you will finish up with a plant 5mtrs long. Have you grown tomatoes they take up very little space.

  5. So according to the latest news, all of HIS plants died and he bought some pumpkin seeds on Ebay and is going to try luck with those. He is HOOKED for gardening!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! :DDD

  6. Have you tried guerilla gardening for example in the university garden? To grow a school-leaving present for Lucka :-).

  7. I thought about it, but didn't know it's called guerilla gardening. Department of botany has compost, I might try to plant them there :)))


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