19 April 2013

The Amateur Gardener's Rebirth

My man is becoming a gardener. It's true. I have seriously changed a trained professional piano rebuilder into an amateur gardener. After his first totally excited gardening success with sprouting pumpkin seeds came the first gardening disaster when all of his seedlings died due to....... an unknown special and mysterious pumpkin plant disease (ehm, ehm). Now he bought seeds of various vegetables and is even excited about growing five-meter long pumpkin plants in his parents' garden (Do they know? Do they approve? Do I want to know? I guess I probably shouldn't know!!). Today's huge overnight pumpkin sprout was just SO exciting, that it deserved a text message, an email with an attached photograph and a blog post. Because seeing a plant being born
is an exceedingly interesting event.
May he watch over his planty creatures well. And may his parents share the enthusiasm for this new green hobby at least partially.

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