17 June 2013

Foraging for Elderflower

It is elderflower season ad the internet is full of elderflower tips and recipes, so I decided to forage a little and get my share of flowers from the communal bushes. I have not foraged before, except for picking mushrooms in the woods with my family when I was a kid. Normally I would be sceptical and scared, but honestly - identifying elder is not very difficult. So I set out for a walk through the fields to look for some plants. I walked through some wheat fields, some thorns, encountered some small amount of ants and decided that sandals are not good footwear for this kind of activity, but eventually I did find my "victim plant" and went home with a nicely smelling bag full of delicious flowers.

I also decided to be super ecological on the way back and avoid public transport. I did, however, need a whole pack of garlic-flavoured Bake Rolls to make up for the energy loss on the way :)

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