01 June 2013

Gone Beady!

I haven't touched my relaxing pile of unfinished friendship bracelets for some time now. Why? Because I've gone beady!!! Yes, again.

Earlier this week, as I was running some work-related errands, I happened to pass a craft shop that I didn't visit for quite some time - and as you have probably guessed, I came out with some beads. Most of the long ones have some chips in them -about which I am not at all thrilled!- so they will probably be listed under low price or given to family and other people who won't mind or those with bad eyesight.
Summer is traditionally a time when I start getting into beady craftiness and making Christmas decorations. This year is no exception and - to be honest it looks a bit like November outside. We haven't had a day without rain for more than a week now and for the past four days it's been only all-day downpours here in Prague.
Anyway, I can still bake cakes, tea still tastes great, beads are shiny and work is going (kind of) well.

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