22 June 2013

Vegetarian Stuffed Mushroom Snacks

After meeting a very nice and vegetarian freediving judge last weekend, I was motivated to get into a bit of vegetarianism myself. I really like meat, but I think that meatless meal can be great as well, you just have to know how to prepare it - and choosing the right ingredients really matters!

This time I tried to combine my favourite recipe for polenta stuffed peppers from Etsy blog (see the recipe here) with something new that I saw on foodlover.cz - stuffed mushrooms (recipe in Czech here). I basically wanted to fill the mushrooms with polenta mixture from the pepper recipe - I wish I knew I ran out of polenta when I went shopping, so eventually, I had to use mixture of cous-cous instead. What you see here are mushrooms filled with  cooked mixture of cous-cous, cheese, beans and spring onions.  Given the size of those tiny mushrooms this was more of a light snack rather than a proper meal, but it was delicious.

I served it plainly with salad from my own windowsil (and will write a post about it later, because it is SO exciting!!) and enjoyed it in the light of the late-afternoon sun in my west-facing room.

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