28 March 2014

Homemade Noodles - Recipe

Having brought home some gorgeously looking home-produced eggs from a friend's house, I decided to do what I saw my Czech Grandma do so many times - homemade noodles. I always watched her make them and cut them with great precision, so thin and then so nice when they were cooked and put into chicken soup - yum!

All you need is some flour, a pinch of salt and one egg (mine was blown, because I liked the colour of the shell so much, I am saving it for Easter decorating). If it is too hard, it is ok to add a tablespoon of water.

Knead the mixture properly, it is a really hard one, until all the ingredients join together, then roll the dough out as thin as you can manage. Given the hardness of the dough, it is really hard work, at least it was for me.

Let the dough dry for a few minutes, then cut it into stripes, place them on top of each other and cut thin stripes off. You can also make squares and other different shapes you  like in your soup, but thin short noodles are my favourite, because we always had them like that.

When all the noodles are cut, spread them out and let them dry. Of course, you can cook them straight away, but once they are dried well, they will keep for a long long time in an air-tight container. I am going to get transparent jars for my homemade pasta, so that I can see them, because I think they look incredibly pretty : ]

And the shells? Well, I'd say I'm pretty much ready for Easter :) White, blue, brown and speckled shells to put into my spring decoration bowl with grass (pictures soon).

As for the rest of the eggs, they ended up fried with onions and cheese, sprinkled with fresh chives, tomatoes and roasted bread.

Thank you for a wonderful dinner meal, lovely noodles and Easter decorations, my friends!


  1. Oh yum! I was intrigued when you mentioned homemade noodles in a comment you left me. These are amazing! I'd love a pasta maker for my birthday this year, a hand operated one.
    I might just have to try these hand cut noodles out first!
    How much flour do you use to the one egg ratio?

    Sarah x

    1. I think these might be slightly different than what you would put through a pasta maker, the dough gets really dry and hard and you have to be careful not to let your knife slip. the ratio - heh I don't have one. My Gran said "some flour" :D I would start with a little and keep adding until you can barely roll it. If it sticks, it is too wet.


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