13 March 2014

Spring Joys

✿ the orchid that I mentioned in the previous post has opened some more flowers 

✿ one of my other orchids is shooting up a flowering stem. I don't really remember what colour it was, I think that it's white, but I am not sure, so it's even more exciting 

✿ the Haworthia succulents are enjoying their spot in the sun and their middles are light green - a sign that they are growing 

✿ the little Stapelia is growing a new stem as well. It is light green and short and hairy and its growth is visible every single day. You can really see the difference. I can't wait for the weather to be warm enough to put these plants outdoors for a few months again. 

Thanks to the newly open flowers, Anthurium matches its pot again 

✿ my friends brought me a belated and colourful birthday gift 

✿ even the aquarium is the good shade of green now : ) 

✿ ✿ 


  1. Gorgeous Orchid! I've been looking to get some succulents for my window as well, especially since they're harder to kill and I haven't had the best track record with house plants!

    1. Try Haworthias, they are very easy to keep, do not need super special care and most of them are quite happy on the indoor windowsill all year round. If you put them outside, make sure the transition from indoor to bright sunshine outdoors is not too fast, they can get ugly sunburns.
      Stapelias are wonderful too, but their flowers smell of rotten meat, so maybe not so great for indoors :)

  2. Wow! I have the touch of death for houseplants...you're amazing! They are glorious xxx

    1. Really? And yet your allotment grows all sorts of gorgeous plants, how can that be?


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