02 April 2014

Switching to Summer Time

I think not many people realize how stressful it can be for a person to switch to a different time. Being a bit of anxiety-ridden creature, I never have to worry about switching to winter time, as missing it means that I would come everywhere one hour early. But in spring, when the summer time switch comes, even though it always happens during the weekend, I am always checking, always making sure that I switched the time on my mobile, our kitchen clock, in my head, always checking and re-checking... And being at home mostly on my own means there is nobody to check the time with me, to reassure me that I did everything right. For a few days, I'm always worrying "what if"... At every underground stop, I check the time, I have a look at every single clock I see on my way.
But it has been three days now and the world hasn't collapsed and I haven't missed a single thing, so now is the right time to enjoy the fact that springtime is here, not only on the clock, but also out in the wild : ) (or on my windowsill where the picture of this lovely chives flower was taken)

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