18 March 2014

Some Happy Little Things

It's a warm, but dark and cloudy spring day and as I walked home, I got caught in a little rain. There was a long line at the post office, not as long as it usually is and the ladies who work there were exceptionally fast, but still, it annoyed me to the bone. There are days when I just can't help it and my old habbit of depression kind of creeps on me. Other days the house can be robbed and my mind is clear and free of worry.

So I decided to borrow an idea from Chicken Blog and list a few good things that are going on, just to remind me and to write down some happy thoughts to hold on to and to live on.

  • My man is visiting in three days. It means tidying up and doing a lot of work before he comes, but that is definitely the best thing I can think of.

  • Work is ok. I go there happy and I leave exhausted, but happy, too. It keeps my head filled with nicely busy thoughts and I love what I do.

  • Spring is here. The peas on my windowsill is sprouting and so is the spinach. House plants are doing well, either shooting up new leaves or flowering.

  • I have spent a most wonderful weekend at friends' house with their lot of children and ecological garden, drawing with the kids, observing the goats, geese, rabbits and chicken, walking in the forrest, sowing tomatoes and I even had a go at skinning the rabbit which we later ate. After all those dissections at the university, I found it quite easy and it made my mind full of thoughts about food, where it comes from, how we should be thankful for it and how the life or gardening and keeping animals could be something I could really do and be happy with it. I came home with some wild tomato seeds, some colourful eggs and a very refreshed mind.
eggs with their amazing natural colours
a rabbit mother (there were little ones near her, invisible in a nest made of hair)

  • I have books. A lot of them. Well, three. Currently Hunger Games series is what keeps me occupied during my eighty minutes of public transport a day and I am completely absorbed in it.

No, things aren't bad at all.


  1. Some days it's just so hard. I do that seem thing (used to do it on my other blog on a Monday) - 5 simple pleasures. Even in man's darkest hour there will be a reason to be glad, you just have to find it xxx
    Love and hugs C xx

    1. Yes, that is true, even though sometimes they are just warm bed and sleep, they are always there. It is the same here today... Darkness and rain, sleeping weather, but my mood is better, so I am glad.


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