05 October 2014

Collecting Ideas

I'm not up to much these days. I started a new little job in the afternoons (thank goodness at least for that), but I still spend most of my days in the garden, watering what's left of my vegetables or just observing the critters that live in there and enjoying th lovely sunny autumn that we are having. I am still hoping to get emplozed as a teacher or teaching assistant, but in the meantime, I keep dazdreaming about having my own little biology club for little children one day. And since there are so many ideas in my head, I started writing them down, which turned out to be really good fun.

I have also become a member of Surrey libraries in Woking and I got some pretty good books from there, too. Their "Science" and "Natural World" sections are very rich in good books, including some of which we heard about at the university, which really surprised me. However, I only want to mention one today : Kids in the Wild Garden by Elizabeth McCoquodale. It is written for children, so it is fairly simple, but there are some nice ideas and really great pictures. I can just see myself showing some little people the beauty of growing runnerbeans and observing earthworms :)
Do you know about some good source of information for hands-on or inquiry-based educational activities in the garden? If you'd like to share them, please post in the "Comments" area.

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