08 March 2015

How I Didn't Get the Job of My Dreams and What I Made While I Waited

I spent most of the past working week in anticipation of an e-mail regarding my job interview. It was really the job of my dreams, the person specification fit me perfectly, I dare say I was wonderful, the interview was very pleasant and even fun, I felt completely in my own element. It was zoology and teaching combined, I was qualified and charming...

Well, after checking my e-mail five times a week and slightly obsessing about what might be going on, I finally got a negative response. I guess someone was more charming and qualified (and what more - EXPERIENCED!) than me. Having waited for it so long, I was half expecting it and am still completely emotionless about it, wondering whether the big wave of sorrow will arrive or completely pass me by but it seems I am strangely ok with it.

Anyway, while I waited, I needed something simple to take my mind off things, so I crocheted. A lot. The top octohug took me only 24 hours from start to end (with breaks, of course!:) ) and you can look forward to seeing it on my fiance's website hamiltonpianos.com, posing on newly rebuilt pianos soon :)
The pink lady octohug was just finished last night and will be available on Etsy as soon as I take some good pictures of her.

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