29 March 2015

Reusing the Leftovers

I got an nteresting e-mail today. One of the bloggers I follow, Laura Howard who writes a blog called Bugs and Fishes, has published a post about how she uses leftover pieces of yarn in her new "scrappy cross stitch project". By the end she asks us what we do with our scraps and leftovers. So this is my response to her question.

I save all of my yarn clippings and once in a while I cut them up into tiny little pieces which I then mix into the polyester toy stuffing that I stuff my toys with.

It makes me happy to see all the colours that I used over time all nicely chopped up and mixed together as well as knowing that those little bits of material will not be wasted and lying in a landfill site somewhere or filling our atmosphere once they are burned or swimming in the ocean or whatever else could be happening to them after they were thrown away.

I do the same with bits of felt that I made decorations out of.

So - do you do anything with your scrap bits of material?

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