30 March 2015

Ready for Easter

The Easter holidays are here. For the past week, every time people asked me what I have planned, I say: "Nothing." I just want to be at home. Relax, sleep late, cook simple meals, walk around town, get some occassional caramel latt├ęs, celebrate my niece's first birthday, crochet and spend lots and lots of time in the garden, hopefully enjoying cups of tea in the sunshine, the singing birds and happily transferring some of my baby plants from indoors to outdoors.

During my last time in Prague I managed to buy some powder food colouring designed for clouring eggs and because I want to keep them for years to come, I started blowing them whenever we have a meal that requires eggs. We buy cartons of eggs of all sizes and they fascinate me. The various colours - some speckled, some not - and shapes and sizes - big, small, round, long, pointy... They all just show how amazing nature is. We might even have to have some eggy bread for diner, just to have a couple more eggshells :)

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