01 August 2012

Anniversary post

This month it will be five years since I joined Blogger and started blogging in August 2007. I was 19 back then and I started a blog because everybody on Etsy seemed to have one and claimed it to be one of the best merchant tools ever. My first posts were all Etsy-centered, yet the sales did not come, nor did the views or the hearts and for quite a long time, I completely forgot that I have a blog at all, and only came back to it occassionally.

In the last year I started following a few blogs that have nothing to do with Etsy, blogs that belong to people who simply write about their lifestyle, their children, gardening, permaculture and nature. These people make no profit from their blogs and maybe exactly because of the fact that they are not “look at me and buy my stuff”, they are very popular and have many regular readers. This is the kind of a blog that I would like to create.  Bits of craftiness  - of course! But my newest thought is to show people bits of pieces of nature that we usually fail to see or fail to consider beautiful.

Thank you all for reading my posts during the last five years, commenting, following and inspiring me to make this blog better. I hope you will stay with me and keep reading.

Your Silly Sheep

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  1. Yes, do keep up the good work! I only started reading recently, as you know, but enjoy how your blog flows very much! I tend take breaks from reading blogs, then go back and read the chunk I missed. Yours is always refreshing with your photos and random posts, and of course I love the crafty bits too!


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