20 August 2014

Cuttlefish Bones from Combe Martin

About a week after we returned from Combe Martin, I started sorting through the little beachcombing treasures that I collected. I am very proud of my collection of cuttlefish bone pieces. I washed them and laid them out on the terrace to dry. Some of them were really big and I couldn't help imagining how wonderful the animals must have been when they were alive.
The biggest cuttlefish bone I found
I am going to use my cuttlefish bones as food supplements for my pet giant African land snails. Compared to the shop-bought cuttlefish bones, I know where these bones come from and that they probably died of natural causes. They are also free and I had fun picking them. Funnily, I picked most of them just before we got engaged. It must have been really nice of me to run around the beach picking little white bits of dead animals, while Adrian was all nervous trying to get me up the hill to watch the sunset so that he could propose :D
As you can see in the picture above, the amount of cuttlefish bones is quite large. And also, I have finally given up my hatred for Crocs :)

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