19 August 2014

Rockpooling, Engagement and Sandcastles in Combe Martin, Devon

This holiday, as I finally moved to the UK, I was taken to Combe Martin for a secret one-week trip. Secret, because I was not told where exactly we were going. We had great fun building sandcastles and huge dams and rockpooling for crabs and shrimp. I fell in once, too :) We went freediving, got caught up in the current, climbed out onto the kelp-covered rocks and swam back to the beach. We saw incredibly large sea urchins, angry spider crabs and looooooong Laminaria kelp. It was amazing.

The main beach. There were huge differences between the high and low tide.

Sandcastles with kelp balconies, algae trees and crab carapace arches :)

And the best news is that at the end of our trip, we got engaged! :) And the engagement ring came in the most amazing box in shape of a snail! He couldn't have chosen better, could he? :)

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