17 August 2014

Visiting Valley of the Rocks, Devon

On our holiday in Devon, we visited The Valley of the Rocks. We only stayed for a few hours, as this wasn't our desired destination, but it was enough to go for a little walk, observe the feral goats, resting at the most impossible high-positioned places and have a cup of tea and something yummy at the local teahouse.

The views from the tops of the hills were unbelievable. We were lucky it was a nice but not too sunny day.

Gazing down from the rocks, tops of which were covered by amazing flora and fauna (found one snail,too).
The aforementioned amazing flora. It is wonderful how plants can find the tiniest amount of soil and anchor themselves up on a windy and probably quite dry hill and survive there. Evolution rocks! Even on the rocks.

The hills were covered with ferns, among which winded the little slightly hidden paths andhere and there you could meet a wandering or resting feral goat.
We could not find any goats at first, but then we started spotting them at the most impossible places. Their climbing skills are most impressive :)

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