17 August 2012

Christmas preparations

A friend told me that I am crazy just because I mentioned, that I already started writing a list of presents that I want to buy and making Christmas decorations for my shop. I do understand that it is the middle of summer and there are surely other things to do, but Etsians are already talking about the holiday season and making Christmas-themed items and as I know how busy I (and everyone) will be before Christmas and how the Czech post office has great trouble delivering packages in December, I thought it would be nice to have it all sorted by the end of November. My idea is that when everyone is rushing around complaining about having to buy presents, I will be going to various Christmas parties or sitting at home in my fluffy socks and sweaters sipping tea, making cards and baking deliciously smelling yummies. And then I will be the one tapping on my forehead and saying “You crazy person!” to them!


  1. I'm with you! I started making some gifts already. The last thing I want to do is run around shopping at the last minute. I'll have enough stuff do do during the Christmas season.

  2. I think Christmas is the time when we should be happily at home eating yummies and give presents to those whom we love and people turned it into a superconsumer holidays rushing around spending loads of money - I dont have the loads of money, so I think I will only benefit from doing it step by step over several months.

  3. Quite right! Much better to do your Christmas shopping/making gifts before December - then you get to relax and enjoy Christmas rather than rushing around getting stressed...!


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