18 August 2014

Beachcombing in the Wringcliff Bay in Devon

Right next to the Valley of the Rocks is Wringcliff Bay, a place which you can get to following a very zig-zaggy coastal path (you can see this in the picture below). As I love the sea, beach, beachcombing and rockpooling, we walked down the hill and spent some time near the water. 

Aerial photograph of the bay and the paths around it by GoogleEarth.

Lovely creatures inhabiting the rocks
Beachcombing treasures. I was most pleased by the driftwood and the piece of cuttlefish bone, which I took home, as it is a great source of calcium for my pet snails. And compared to the shop-bought ones, I know exactly where it came from and that the animal it belonged to probably died of natural causes in the sea.

There were also lots of things that did most certainly NOT belong on the beach - some rubbish and fishing lines! I can just imagine the sea creatures that get tangled up in them. We took these away and threw them out in the rubbish bin where they belonged.

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