15 September 2014

Crocheting in the Garden

The summer is ending and the winter is definitely in the air. Days are getting shorter and evenings are cold and mornings chilly. But there is still enough warm autumn sun during the day to bask in for a few moments. This afternoon seems to have been made for sitting out on a blanket. With squirrels running around (and steling some wheat that accidentally grew up in some flowerpots on the terrace) and birds singing all around, I worked on a couple of crochet projects that I have in progress at the moment.

Firstly, I am trying to make a scarf for myself. I bought a lovely big ball of Murano Lace yarn in Prague last week and using a big hook and Tunisian/Afghan crochet technique, the scarf is slowly gaining length.

My second project is a very colourful children's blanket. I bought several balls of rainbow-like variegated yarn in a local shops that sells absolutely everything from erasers to plug adaptors. At first, I was not very happy with how the pattern turned out, but everyone was telling me that it looks very nice. The breaking moment for me, however, was when I showed it to my five-months-old niece. She absolutely loved it! It must be the colours, she wouldn't let go of it!

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