19 September 2014

Giant Wormie

Say hello to giant wormie. He truly is giant, much bigger than any toy I have ever made. He measures 64 cm in length, is soft and crocheted of 100% acrylic yarn. I made most of him during our travels from Woking to Prague and back (Yes, crocheting in the car is doable!) and he became a bit of a friend of mine. Now he is looking for new home and you can pick him from my Etsy shop and buy him for someone you love :)

This wormie is a very active creature. He likes stretching in the morning, because it prepares him for the busy day ahead.

Even though he has no legs, he is perfectly capable of running up and down the stairs.

Because he is so soft and flexible, he enjoys squeezing through the tiniest holes. Everything can be a climbing frame! 

But don't be confused! Wormies like resting, too. This one loved sunbathing in the garden and exploring the lawn.

And when the time comes to go to bed, he will curl up comfortably and have a good night's sleep.

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