07 September 2014

Mating Slugs

During the last few weeks, I have been too busy to write. We had some fun times and I was looking for a job and - to be honest - I also slept a lot and ate a lot and watched TV and was lazy a LOT. There were a few very rainy days and the rain-loving creatures had their good times. When I walked out to check on something in the garden, I found two slugs mating in a forgotten concrete block in the garden. It almost looked like they got themselves a room :D

What does it look like when slugs mate, you ask? Well, like this.

The species name is Protuguese slug or Arion lusitanicus. There are many of these in the garden and they are true pests, yet I did not feel like interrupting them, because it was so fascinating to watch. A few days later, I found another couple under a bush.

I have never seen slugs mating in real life, so it was pretty amazing to watch, even though they do not move much and it is more of a static experience. But still, observing it was wonderful (and not at all creepy). Gardening in the UK brings surprises almost every day :)

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