13 September 2012

So much for de-growing

I did mention before that thanks to sitting down and studying this summer, certain areas of me grew into larger dimensions than desirable. I also very thoughtfully planned activities to de-grow the body parts and lead a more balanced and healthier life full of inner harmony and so on. So after my morning stretching and relaxation with music from My Yoga Online, I worked through the day according to my carefully planned schedule...

BOOM!!! 4 p.m. and all of a sudden I find myself in the kitchen making a five-minute chocolate cake, splashing the ingredients all around the kitchen counters . I am not aware of the moment when I switched from de-growing my body parts  to further-growing them!!  Every day I wake up with the best intentions… Maybe I should just stop having good intentions with myself.
I put my bowl with the cake mixture into a bigger bowl, just in
case it runs over the edge, but it never does. I also add
baking powder - without it the cake does not grow at all. I think
they are using some kind of self-raising flour in the video
Done! Still hot and looking so Christmasy in the winter bowl!
(IKEA, by the way)

Detail of the top. It always looks a bit burnt and dry, but it is ok.
I use chocolate for cooking - after melting once, it never hardens
again,not even when cold.

The top of cake with randomly cut chocolate.

So I made the cake and all proud posted it on Facebook and what I get from my friends?? Threats to unfriend me if I don’t make one for them too! I mean, it takes five minutes!!! How lazy can people be??


  1. Reciepe???? please???? and at least your good intentions last until 4pm. hahaha
    found you from blogging buddies.

  2. If you click onto the "five-minute chocolate cake", it should take you to the site with recipe and video. :)


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