07 September 2012

Happy happy :)

I have a BIG reason to be happy today, as I passed the first of my uni finals and I am one step closer to getting my teacher’s certificate in biology! The exam was from pedagogy and psychology and it feels good to know that all the time I spent sitting at home, reading and making sense of stuff has paid off!
I wanted to demonstrate the lack of concern and freedom of my spirit by wearing my second-hand (but smart!) trousers that I bought for 30 CZK (something like 1 GBP), however, I found that certain parts of me have “grown” into pretty sizeable dimensions and therefore I was pushed into wearing the other ones, that were about seven years old (writing thesis is exhausting for one’s figure, you know?).  Also the shoes have suffered severely in the past decade (not kidding, I had them since I was thirteen) and were giving out the throw-me-away-and-end-my-suffering-please signs with pale scratches, but there’s nothing that a black felt-tip pen would not repair on a night before the exam.
Afterwards, I rewarded myself with mini waffles covered with melted chocolate at a shop next to the Choco Story Museum of Chocolate (which offers free recipes on its website - go check!!)  and seafood pasta at Pizza Blue Garden (which now looks million times better than in that picture - I am not even sure it is a picture of that restaurant at all) and went home, where I slept, drank a cup of tea and ate a smiley face.
This is what we call "puding" in Slovakia. It is something like custard, cooked with milk and poured over cookies and fruit in a bowl when it starts to be less runny. It comes in different flavours (this ones were strawberry) and colours and - obviously - is quite fun to decorate them :-b
Resting today, more studying to do from tomorrow on and the post-exam period will be spend by buying new shoes and attempting to de-grow the sizeable parts.

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