09 September 2012

Walking along the Basingstoke Canal

When I was visiting A. in the UK last month, we went for a long walk along the Basingstoke Canal around Woking. It was a bright sunny day, not a drop of rain and there were bugs, birds, hungry cats and angry squirrels everywhere. After we got home, I thought it would be fun to walk along all of it, but when I found out that it is 32 miles long, I decided to give it another thought. Still, maybe one day we can do that.
But not in flip-flops.
Definitely not in flip-flops.


  1. It looks so beautiful! I live in the desert, so I really miss seeing all of the green.

  2. I think England can be very green because of all the rain it gets... Last summer when I was there for a week, it didnt get like this, not even for a single hour, it was all cloudy and rainy. I think it can be very depressing at times. But then the nice weather makes you very very happy all of a sudden :)

  3. Lovely pictures! :)

    Hmmm.. 32 miles in flip-flops definitely not a good plan. I think cycling could be fun though? Perhaps?!

  4. I would really like to walk it though. Get to one end (let's say by train) and walk all the way to the other, maybe with a sleepover somewhere half-way, but WALK. I think it would be amazing.


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