16 September 2012

Sunday afternoon vegetarian omnoms - recipe from Etsy

Today is the first time that I tried a recipe from the Etsy blog. It was  polenta stuffed peppers. Until today, I didn't know what polenta was, but to my surprise, the meal turned out rather well and filled the kitchen with awesome smells.

Simple, quick, colourful, fresh, healthy and vegetarian. Yum!!!

Being a student, feta and parmasan cheese came quite expensively, so I replaced them both with much cheaper and also very salty Balkan cheese. I am also not good with measuring amounts, so I just did it by eye and used a lot of corn and even managed to make use of my chives plant that grows on my window (and is not doing extremely well, by the way!)

What I love about this the most is that corn, peppers, tomatoes and herbs can be grown in the garden, you can even make your own cornmeal and then the list of ingredients you will have to buy is really tiny. We really have to get our own garden one day! And of course, I can't wait to try out more of the awesome Etsy recipes  ;-)

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