27 December 2012

Ice Sculptures in the Košice City Centre

Last year it was the first time that ice sculptures appeared in the Košice city centre. This year, they are here again, very beautiful and slightly melted as the temperatures go up and down. Unfortunately, I didn't see how they were made (which, as I am told, also happens directly in the city centre and people can come and watch), but even simple seeing them in the lights of festively lit city was quite an experience. The theme of most of them was "The End of the World".

The Singing Fountain is not working in winter, but the water in all
fountains is replaced by lights.

More photos of this amazing city of mine can be seen here.
Photos of fresh sculptures and video of their making can be seen here.
You can also take a little summer virtual tour here.


  1. How beautiful & so much fun!! I'm stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

  2. Beautiful -- especially the swans!
    I'm here from Blogging Buddies too : )

  3. HSwans were pretty - I believe those were not on the topic of the end of the world :)

  4. The ice sculptures are really pretty. It would be fun to see them being made.


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