28 December 2012

Little Christmas Presents

Christmas is already over, so I am going to show you the presents that I got for my family and friends - in the wrapped state :)I bought lots of tea and cake cutters and some cosmetics this year.

Only the closest family and best friends got a bigger presents, the others got a little Christmas greeting card with a beaded decoration. Making these was really easy and fun - just some hard paper, funny crafty scissors, my handmade decorations, tw holes, wire or string to tie them to the card and golden gel pen to write the wish.

The larger presents I wrapped in  my handmade wrapping paper that did not cost anything - I talked about it before and I am talking about it now - every time I bought something at IKEA and carried it home wrapped in brown paper, I saved the paper and later stamped snowflake stamps all over it. At first, the snowflake pattern was much denser, but later, inspired by Unify and her Christmas wrapping paper, I only stamped a flake here and there and I was quite pleased with the result.

I enjoyed making and wrapping all this, but to be honest, I will not miss the Christmas-themed crafty clutter that filled half of my already disorganized room : )

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