02 December 2012

Stressless Sundays

I have recently established Sunday as a free and stressless day. Of course, I do the basic stuff around the flat, tidying up, doing the washing, cleaning the flat when it’s my turn, but I never go to work on Sunday, nor do I bring my work home. It’s my day, it’s free and lazy. It is a day that I look forward to all week. Now I am absolutely no expert and definitely not a person to give advice on relaxation, but setting one day aside for nice and enjoyable things, sleeping enough, meeting friends and finding enjoyment in the basic household chores works well for me : )

Today, I woke up ill, so all I do is drink ginger tea with honey and lemon and make bracelets. I finished the one pictured below and I would list it, if only the sun came out for a while, allowing me to take brighter photos.

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