08 December 2012

Into the fields

In spite of my getting better but persisting cold, I decided to go out today, for a walk around the neighbourhood. So far these days are the coldest that we have had this winter. There is still no snow, but all puddles and the pond are frozen and everything around is covered in frost. And in the sun, I swear it sparkled more than vampires from Stephenie Meyer's novel.

I met a woodpecker, some other birds that I did not know and even found tracks of some larger four-legged forest visitors in the field.

I even walked through the “alley” that I nicknamed “the undergrowth of dread” sooner in the year when I moved in. With no leaves on and sun shining onto them, the trees are much less scary.


  1. Great outdoor pictures! I love them :-D

  2. Thank you for your comments, later during that week it snowed and then rained and it froze and melted... Now it is just ugly and cold and grey with no snow. It seems we will have green Christmas.


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