21 December 2012

Winter cardmaking

The tradition of giving Christmas cards to each other is not really a Slovak tradition. Of course, we do send Christmas cards to those who live far away from us, but it wasn't until I visited England in 2005-2006 that I fully got into giving Christmas cards. About one week before Christmas, suddenly cards came from everyone. Not only from my friends, but also from our teachers and even from students that did not talk to me very much. And the weirdest part of all - they did not come by post, people would just give them to us or leave them on our desk. Some cards I liked more, some less, but I was feeling really bad about not being able to get out of the (very isolated) school grounds to buy my own. So my and my friend decided to make some. They were made of white paper painted bright red with some acrylic paint, a piece of dark green paper with thin gold-painted trees cut out of something like polystyrene - all of which we got from our school's art room. I must admit, they were pretty horrible and I don't think I gave them out eventually (just thinking about them makes me go brrrrrr!).

These, I believe, are one step better than that. I am really thrilled about my snowflake stamps that have been bought from Lucy65 on Fler.cz and also about my funny crafty scissors. Right now, I am unable to cut anything resembling a regular shape with them, so I decided that rather than making it look like they are not done properly, I would make them look like they are irregularly cut on purpose.

Each card is made of four layers of paper, the three types of blue paper were bought in a craft store and the lined torn pieces are the remains of the old Papelote writing pad that I would throw away otherwise. Some of them even have writing on the other side.

They are not regular, they are not the same and they are all on their way to their new homes. Taking the current speed of the post offices into consideration, they will arrive in the new year. I am sorry, friends :)


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