21 August 2013

African Weekend

Last weekend was the third African weekend at the Botanical garden in Troja, Prague. After finally having a lot of time to myself, I spent both of the days there, in the outdoor exhibits of the garden, sipping karkadé, eating hot dogs and looking at plants and other things that were going on. The topic of this weekend was "Helping and Crafting". A lot of charities presented original African jewellery, coffee and other handmade goods to help raise the standard of living for people in Africa, fight against child labour, and make people aware of what is going on in these countries. Thre were drumming and dancing workshops going on, discussions and signings of Africa-themed books and watching films about Africa were taking place as well.

"African Summer" in the botanical garden will last until September and each weekend is dedicated to something else. The main exhibition of the summer are statues from the Tengenenge village. Each of them is for sale. Visitors can book them and will get them after the exhibition is over.

Statues made by Tengenenge village residents

Botanical garden in Troja is great in one thing - often when you come there, you will find out that more things are going on at the same time. There may be something in the greenhouse, something outdoors and remains of some older exhibitions will be left in the garden... this time there was also a finishing exhibition of Pelargonium plants, exhibition of plant photographs of the Cape phytogeographical area, exhibition of winning photographs from "FotoFata" photography competition and some remains of the spring "Wicker in the garden" exhibition, such as benches and sitting areas and these lovely plant supports.

Plant supports made of wicker

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