20 August 2013

Windowsill Gardening 2013 - Peas and Salads

I am going to be Alys Fowler of windowsil gardeners! Some months ago, after an excessively exhausting English lesson that I gave, I took the money for a little trip to BauHaus and exchanged it for some pots and soil to keep compay to my lonely seeds at home.

I cleared out some ivy that is growing on the house and recently started shading my room too much and even growing in through the open window (greenvasion, I call it) – it was bit of an ivy massacre, but the space gain was well worth it.

Peas used to be my favourite plant to grow and eat as a kid. In these pictures, the peas looks amazing, there were lots of flowers and even pods started forming. However...  now it will rest in peace in compost. All my plants got some nasty disease, which looks like a fungus - white powder of spores falling down from the surface of the plant and even the pods and flowers started falling down. So no peas this year.

Another packet of seeds that I bought was "speedy salads". They really do grow quickly and taste great. Snails like them as well. Now most of them have gone into flower, so I am growing another container full of juicy green salad leaves to enjoy before winter.

I used the leaves in salads many, many times. I really enjoy how it works. I take care of salads and salads take care of me :)

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