18 August 2013

Disconnected and Stitching

New birdies hanging from the windows

Something happened with our routers a few days ago and so far we've been unable to fix it, so there is no Internet connection at home at all. That is why I am sitting at the university (on Sunday!!!) and blogging and writing my e-mails from here. Luckily now that I have no work that would require being online, I can enjoy my time at home without the need to check my email or Facebook every three minutes. 

Life is sweet without living in the cyber-space. I managed to do a lot of things that I couldn't do for a long time - cooked, re-potted some plants, tidied up the room finally and even spent a nice evening in bed, watching Narnia and stitching up some socks and eventually also these little birdies that have been waiting in the box for a long time.

See?? You can get work done if you stop wasting time online! So get away from your computer (but come back later for more posts) and do some work!!

Soon to be listed on Etsy

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