08 August 2013

In the Tower of St Elizabeth's Cathedral in Košice

We are back in my Prague home, full of impressions from all the travelling (and FOOD!!!) we have been experiencing in Slovakia in the last week. So while my lovely English man cooks lunch and I am not allowed to stay in the kitchen, let me tell you about one simple trip we took in my hometown (Košice, eastern Slovakia).

On the day that we were leaving Košice by a night train (if you ever buy a night train from Košice to Prague or vice versa, make sure you travel by EuroNight train - really nice - and buy your ticket in the city from which you are starting your journey - the City Start discount is huge), we decided to walk up the northern tower of St. Elizabeth's Cathedral in the city centre.

Entering the cathedral is for free and it is really worth it. It is a proper working catholic church, so sometimes it happens that you enter during  service, but there are always some people who just want to look around. For 1.50 EUR (children younger than 15 years have a discount) you can enter the highest tower of the cathedral - the northern tower.

It is 59.7 meters high and there are 160 steps leading to the top lookout. There isn't much space there, so do not go if you are claustrophobic, afraid of dark, heights or swirly staircases :)

In several places on the way up, there are little rooms - with bells, with the mechanism of the clock and windows that offer views almost as great as the top lokout.

View from the top is still the best though. We spent quite a while up there, looking at hidden yards and pretty balconies of the town that one can only see from the top.

Up left: Hlavná (Main) street and State Theatre; Up middle: Alžbetina (Elizabeth's) street; Right: Urban's Tower
Down left: city centre; Down middle: Hlavná (Main) street with a park and a piece of St Elizabeth's Cathedral


  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I caught up on your blog (finally! I have been meaning to forever) and as always I totally enjoy it! You take great pictures and I love all that you share. I was in your neck of the woods recently and had a blast - plan to go again soon and would love to get some hints at places to see besides the obvious touristy stuff :) oh and I was wondering if you have ever thought about making your beaded decorations into earrings - smaller design of course - but I think they would be beautiful to wear and would be something in style year around for your shop!

  2. Hi Brit, good to hear from you again!! :)

    I have actually made beaded christmas star earrings for a friend once, they were cute, but I used wire instead of fishing nylon and they were slightly unflexible. And I have problems working with nylon a bit, because I find it very slippery. But I might give it a go once :)


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