31 August 2012


More than a month ago I mentioned my visit to the UK to see A. again and our little trip to Hobbycraft, where I purchased some really good looking big buttons. As we are both the type of people who look at something and think ”How was this made?” immediately (and unlike me, A. also has some skills), we thought about making wooden buttons that could be painted or decoupaged or decorated in some other way and how nice they would be. A few hours later, A. brought me a few round buttons that he made out of a spare piece of wood. He made them nice and smooth and some time after that rough square ones followed. After that some of them got painted. And after that I started to feel scared that I turned a professional piano re-builder into a button manufacturer.


  1. Love the buttons. They would make great magnets for a sewing room. Painted or decoupaged sound like great ideas.

  2. Buttons instead of pianos.... Hmmm... Thinking about all sorts of ways to make large numbers of them...! :D

  3. Ady, you need to start making building blocks for children :))) I will paint them, we just have to figure out the non-toxic paint and finish. But you will still need to do pianos - we will need some offcuts off them :-b


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