09 January 2013

Above the Clouds

I saw this wonderful above-clouds sunset during my flight from London to Prague this Saturday. And it totally made my day, and that really is something, as the day also included being sick in the aircraft lavatory.

I am not a New Year's resolution fan, but here I can make a little exception and saz, with total confidence, that I will never EVER again combine M&S prawn and mayonaise sandwich with a cappucino and then fly.

This one I am going to keep, I just know it.
I know many people fly in the world every single day and they do not show off their photos, in fact most of them do not tak photos during their flights at all, but the world up there never ceases to fascinate me. I remember flying there and back when I was studying abroad and I have seen the other side of clouds during sunrise, sunset and at night,  in every possible colour and still I cannot help but reach for the camera. Most of the times, I wonder whether people in the past imagined what it must look like above the clouds and whether what the y imagined was in any way close to the reality we get to see when we fly. And also, I feel incredibly privileged that I get to see this myself.

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